Jetts Netball Club - Coaching Team

 Jetts' Coaching Team

Tracey Butcher - Joint Head Coach/Manager UKCC Level 2 Coach and  C Umpire

Mandy Smart - Joint Head Coach/Manager - UKCC Level 1 Coach and Umpire

Haydn Gross -   UKCC Level 2 and ITO Umpire

Jordan Gross - Coach - UKCC Level 2 and C umpire

 Connie Gibbs -  Coach - UKCC Level 1  and C Umpire 

Nikki Edwards - C Umpire

Ruth Bell - UKCC Level 1 coach

Emily Stanton - Level 1 Coach - C umpire

  Alice Tee - C umpire

Isabelle Tee - ITO Umpire (working to C)

Daphna Shalev - ITO Umpire   Ciara Leeson - ITO Umpire

C Verapen - ITO Umpire

L Barber and E Garrard - ITO Umpires (working to C)

L Edwards and T Bonser - working to ITO 

Admin Team -  Sarah Garrard 

Many new  umpires are now in training from Jetts


All our coaches attend accredited training courses organised through England Netball, Netball East, Suffolk Netball and West Suffolk Netball.   Additional training courses are provided by other providers 

Please take advantage of the funding available when attending coaching courses.

Full mentoring and support is always available for our club members.


If you are interested in joining as one of our marvelous volunteers please contact us now. 

We are always keen to welcome new members to umpire, coach or join our committee.  

Please contact Tracey Butcher 

Pass on your Passion 

Young volunteer at Jetts are all participating in the Pass on your Passion initiative - they are clocking up the hours volunteering at Jetts Netball Club and at the same time  getting recognition from England Netball for their efforts. 

Haydn  reached 400 hours and was presented with a trophy from England Netball in 2013.

Are you interested?  If so please speak to any of our young volunteers for further details. 

These young volunteers have volunteered their  time and at the moment it totals now in the hundreds!  Well done to you all - and thank you 

Our New Young Persons' Officer for our club is player and volunteer E Stanton

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